Natural perils coverage

With US$5M capacity for critical natural catastrophe exposure and US$10M capacity for all other natural catastrophe exposure, Alcor can provide solutions for complex cat-driven exposures on a blended or standalone basis.

Critical catastrophe capacity

Natural catastrophe exposure is limited to US$5M or local currency equivalent.


Or local currency equivalent.

Critical catastrophe regions/perils

Alcor provides cover for the following critical regions/perils:

  • Tier I & II county named wind exposure for any state touching the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Virginia, Mexico and all Caribbean Islands
  • Earthquake exposure in California, Alaska, Hawaii and Japan

For faster turnaround, submissions should include excel spreadsheet of complete location values including:

  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip or postcode
  • Building value
  • BI value
  • Number of stories
  • Year built
  • Occupancy
  • Construction